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Tags - Square-Enix

Song Game Mixer(s) RTS ID
Espergirl 2A03 Final Fantasy 6 Shnabubula RTS0004
The Beautiful Traveller (Starlight Mix) Chrono Trigger DarkeSword RTS0005
Arkangel Terranigma Alastair RTS0010
Zealousy Chrono Trigger OverCoat RTS0013
Resurrection of Trance Terranigma Ghetto Lee Lewis RTS0028
final fanta legend Final Fantasy Legend analoq RTS0029
Terra Does FF7 Final Fantasy 6 TO RTS0031
Random Encounter of the Mystic Kind Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Cerrax RTS0038
Hallucination of Another World Chrono Cross Retlaf & DragonAvenger RTS0039
She Was Dreaming In The Rain Chrono Cross TenchuX RTS0040
Speed Limit Final Fantasy 7 sephfire RTS0042
How Much Longer Final Fantasy 10 pothocket RTS0045
Prelude To Sin Final Fantasy 10 Xerol RTS0048
Lamentations Final Fantasy 6 Suzumebachi RTS0050
He Came From the Sky Soul Blazer Cerrax RTS0051
Glass in Arid Gravity Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Retlaf RTS0055
Collaboration (Take 2) Secret of Evermore Shnabubula RTS0059
Chronicles Chrono Trigger Sixto Sounds & Geoffrey Taucer RTS0061
Ipsen's Groove Final Fantasy 9 TO RTS0067
A Fairy Tale Chrono Trigger Xenon Odyssey RTS0069
Dissolution Live-A-Live Eon_Blue RTS0080
Electric Rainbow Final Fantasy 10 Fishy RTS0083
the incredible singing analoq Chrono Trigger analoq RTS0090
The Road to Midgar Final Fantasy 7 The Prophet of Mephisto RTS0099
Belthasar's Ambition Chrono Trigger AzureKevin RTS0106
Purgatory Chrono Trigger JigginJonT RTS0113
Strategaga Final Fantasy 9 Platonist RTS0123
Castles of Fusion Soul Blazer Platonist RTS0125
Smooth Criminals Xenogears The Vagrance RTS0196
Weeping Shards Final Fantasy 9 Kenogu Labz RTS0208
The Goose and the Cursed Knight Live-A-Live Rexy RTS0210
A Sleigh Ride To Vana'diel Final Fantasy 11 Lampje4life RTS0224

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