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Terranigma ReMixes


  • Game: Terranigma
  • Composer(s): Miyoko Kobayashi, Masanori Hikichi
  • Copyright: Enix


Damn Europeans cramping our style, with their phony accents and their manpurses and their shiny pants and their and their Terranigmas and things. Also Alastair. Who happens to like manpurses and, more importantly, Terranigma. Which is great because that happens to be the game this song is from! We like coincidences. And dentures. But not dentata (that's gross). Mr. Alastair also likes guitars, which is awesome, because he totally uses like 300 of them in this song. Sequenced ones. Not to be confused with sequined ones. Because those are too damn shiny. These here sequenced guitars are playing the Overworld theme from Terranigma. How cool is that? Pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves. It's like a string orgy in here anyways. Guitars, Violins, shag carpeting, and an ubiquitous pizza guy. Some gyrating of the hips, rotating of wrists, the lot. And a complete lack of modesty. And clothing. We miss Huggy Bear. <:(

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