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Chrono Cross ReMixes

'Hallucination of Another World'

  • Game: Chrono Cross
  • Composer(s): Yasunori Mitsuda
  • Copyright: Square-Enix

Retlaf & DragonAvenger

Dun uhh. Took me awhile, I know I know, but I've been out of town getting college stuff under control. So here you have it, a song by Retlaf & DragonAvenger (DragonAvenger being the vocalist...yea that's right vocals.) And a write-up by a complete and utter stranger! Fun ensues:

"ChronoCross fans, hold on to your nuts and grab a box of tissues. Retlaf and DragonAvenger have just released a cover of Hallucination of Another World, and it'll make you tear up if you're in an ill mood. Retlaf really makes the song with an awesome performance on the piano, while DragonAvenger brings it together with spot-on vocals. Give this one a download, you'll keep it on your playlist for a while. "

Chris's Gamercard

Dun dun doneeeee.

Lyrics @ the song's Wiki page.
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