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Chrono Trigger ReMixes


  • Game: Chrono Trigger
  • Composer(s): Yasunori Mitsuda
  • Copyright: Squaresoft


While we are not overlords of condescending zeal, OverCoat apparently is, and likes to name things appropriately as thus. Or at least he thinks he is. We're not experts on that kind of thing. However we ARE experts on Chrono Trigger remixes. We gots a Ph.D in Remixonomy. It is made of crayons and construction paper. Kind of like OverCoat's song. Which is not made of crayons or construction paper. It's made from concentrate! 1 part Schala, 1 part Magus, 1 part Zeal, and 3 parts awesome. Also probably Fruity Loops and samples and things. Regardless, it's half made of awesome. And it shows. Or sounds. Anyways, this is some pretty neat work. Ambient, yet not. Minimalistic, yet not. Breakbeat, yet... ok ok ok it's semi-minimalistic ambient breakbeat. Or something. Unfortunately our Ph.D is not in genre classification. Either way this be cool stuff. We really only had one complaint:

Needs more Seattle.
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