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Secret of Evermore ReMixes

'Collaboration (Take 2)'



Hey Sauce Peoples!!! I'm back for my second mix.. this time it's piano solo.

It's called "collaboration" because I thought of it as like.. a team piece by myself and the great Jeremy Soule. It's all improvised lol... infact, I only made the decision to record this particular song the day OF recording.

What I mean by collaboration is... it's like, I try to tackle the material and expand upon it, from Jeremy's position and explore those harmonies and type of movement, and then gradually move closer and closer to my OWN musical style and start to maybe have these two different things begin to blend more and more as the song progresses.

I hope you guys like it!

I owe special credit to Julio C. Peña for this. He was my engineer and he was the coolest guy in the world.
I recorded two takes of this song. The first one was okay.. it was just over five minutes long, but to some degree you could tell that I was rushing to get through it.

Julio helped calm me down and get me to the place I needed to be to record this, my second take which I was much more satisfied with.

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