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Final Fantasy 7 ReMixes

'Speed Limit'



Anddddddddd THIS write-up comes from new arbiter, EAZYP!:

Oh lordy, oh lordy, SephFIRE has turned up the HEAT with this SCORCHING remix, someone open a WINDOW
  Sephfire, no stranger of music badassness and phat jams, visits us with this critical hit of a remix. Normally, FF mixes aren't my thing, could never get into the games, music, or remixes. This here is an entirely different story. Future machines, strings, plickity plocks, and an overwhelming sense of awesome loom around this mix like a very scary, hard breathing man around children under the age of six. In all seriousness, this song will rock your face. This song will rock your face so hard that I discourge the listening of it around kitty cats, parrots, babies, and old people. They're blood will start pounding from the fast paced, awe inspiring production quality and they have a chance of dying from awesome shock on a grand scale.
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