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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles ReMixes

'Glass in Arid Gravity'



Retlaf's at it again, this time with a FF:CC track that brings out the chill in all of us. Not just the relaxed state of being that involves no worries and zero stress, but also the goosebumps you'd get while sitting alone listening to this track with a special someone in the dark (which I highly recommend). There's a lot of mood radiating from this mix, and not the kind your girlfriend gets when you forget her birthday. That mood usually comes with a slap and requires quite a few hours of apologizing. For those of us who fly solo, Retlaf has supplied us with perfect reflection music for maximum .. reflection, like the kind you'd get while staring into your bathroom mirror. Just don't stare at the glass too much. All in all, you've got a solid mix that doesn't falter (heh heh) through its short duration, and makes for some very nice ear candy. But since when do ears need candy? The only things my ears need are cotton swabs .. and maybe a little biting.

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