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Chrono Trigger ReMixes

'The Beautiful Traveller (Starlight Mix)'

  • Game: Chrono Trigger
  • Composer(s): Yasunori Mitsuda
  • Copyright: Squaresoft


Schala, Schala, Schala... a melancholy affair is your predicament. Also your theme music is quite catchy, and is quite easily one of the most remixed game songs ever. It is with pride that we announce our first Schala arrangement here on ThaSauce. Pride, yet fear at the many more to come. You know it will happen. There are probably thirty ill-fated Schala arrangements in the works by would be remixers as we speak. The majority of them will fall by the wayside, victims of the cruel and heartless words of listeners, reviewers, and judges. Still more will be forgotten by their creators, prey to the unforgiving hands of time itself. Yet there will be a small number, perhaps even only one, that will stand out amongst the perpetually growing crowd of its peers as the one... The one. The Highlander of Schala mixes. Maybe it'll come today, maybe tomorrow, maybe sometime in the year 2238. We don't know. We honestly don't care either, because DarkeSword gave us this here dealy in it's stead. It's an older song of his. But age is irrelevant when it comes to music. Just ask our good friend Wolfgang. So anyways, say what you will about this here Schala tunage; it's upbeat, more eclectic than most, yet accessible, and is a solid arrangement put forth by none other than Mr. DarkeSword himself. It's our first, and gosh darnit, people like it.

Hopefully you will too!

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