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Final Fantasy 6 ReMixes




OH SNAP! We have fifty songs people! Amazing. And to celebrate, we, as in Suzumebachi (all five of us-- here's looking at you Kumabachi and Ironfox), are going to share with you a little song from times past. But first, HOLY CRAP 50 songs! That's like, a milestone or something. Mile marker 50. But how many more to come? Only time will tell. But at least like 10 because that's how far behind we are in the queue (we're slow and mentally defective). Now before we turn this into some kind of cheesey graduation speech and make the inevitable insight about how this is "just the beginning blah blah blah ok play the Vitamin C song" let us, or should we say, me, go into first person perspective to explain this here song!

I first started this song sometime back in late 2002 at the behest of some random dude on IRC who was like "HAY sum1 remix teh epithapt theme from FF6!!11one" and then mysteriously disappeared. I don't remember his name. Whether it was Tom, Dick, or HaRRyBalls20X6, we may never know. All that matters now is I made an extremely not-absolutely terrible WIP and posted it on the forums for all to listen to and hate! It was amazing. People everywhere from Scandinavia to Western Canadia to Australia and back to Western Canadia again told me how amazingly good I was (at being mediocre) and told me exactly where to put my song. On VGMix! So I did. Many a person downloaded it. But one person named Rob from Kalamazoo said something about the power of the force and my life was changed forever. He later offered to buy me a hooker, but that is a story for another time. So I didn't give up! I picked myself up off the floor of the WIP section of VGMix, dusted myself off, and then totally forgot about the song for a year or so. Then one day, I was massively bored and suffering a terrible case of the unfinished WIPs (which I still have to this day) and decided I was going to finish that massively somewhat nearly acceptable Final Fantasy 6 song. However thanks to one of my many hard drive crashes (my brother has a fetish for attaching magnets to hard drives) I was without the original source, so decided to start again from scratch. So I did! I worked long, and hard, and one day when I was fully erect, I once again posted the song on the OCR WIP forums. Nobody replied. I was dismayed, so I decided to give it at least another 3 minutes, before giving up and sending it to everyone on my AIM contact list. Everyone thought it was cool, it was amazing, it was fan-freaking-tastic super awexomeross mega super happy special and they all had only one thing to say: "Why does it sound like a bank commercial?" I was mighty confused, but I took in stride, thinking that perhaps one day I could get a job in the marketing industry and get rich selling tunes to bank and financial corporations to use in their commercials and I would name the songs things like "Someone else's Testicles and Vodka do Not a Good Night Make if you happen to be Heterosexual" and "Ode to Martha Stuart's left breast" and other such fantastically offensive names and it wouldn't even matter because they never use the name of the songs in the commercials anyways and then one day I could go to a bar with the barn door open if you know what I mean and some dude would be like "hey, do you know Your Fly is Open and your Dick Is Hanging out?" And I'd be like "Know it? I wrote it!" Unfortunately that never happened and similarity to bank commercials is naught but coincidence. So there I was, with another WIP on the verge of completion, when BOOM. My hard drive crashes! The timing was so amazing I nearly wet myself thinking that I somehow pissed off Ganesh and he was now making reparations by ruining my faux career as a mediocre video game remixer. So here we are, another 2 something years later with a Final Fantasy 6 Epitaph remix. How did this happen, you ask? Simple. I took the last version of the WIP (which was very close to being done), tweaked it a bit, and here we are. Why did it take 2 years? Because a) it took me 2 years to track down someone who actually HAD the last version of the WIP and b) as mentioned earlier, I am slow and mentally defective. And that's the story of Final Fantasy VI - Lamentations.

Now if you don't mind, afk, finishing my FF7 track before zircon kills me! Err us.
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