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Final Fantasy 6 ReMixes

'Espergirl 2A03'



A man with a long and difficult to spell name that begins with an 'S' and has absolutely nothing to do with custard (or so we hope) has submitted to us... a chiptune! At a very young age our Grandma told us not to pick on those of the bit-challenged persuasion. As a result we've been a fan of chiptunes since sometime around 1985. How absolutely fitting our very first Terra mix is a chiptune then, isn't it!

There's really not much to say about this tune other than random Shnabubula ego stroking, and other perverse accoutrements not withstanding, we'd like to do just that. In letter form. Without further ado:

Dear Mr. Samuel "Shnabubula" Ascher-Weiss,

Final Fantasy VI Chiptune arrangements? If you are under some kind of psychoactive semi-therapeutic chemical influence whilst in the act of decisision making, we would surely like to know where you score. Because, in case you never noticed before, this shit is hot. Hot shit. Not to be confused with Hot pants, which we also find very appealing. On females of course. Specifically well endowed brunettes between the ages of 19-21. Blondes and redheads are acceptable as well. If you should find any that like nerds who run video game arrangement websites and/or enjoy Final Fantasy VI chiptune arrangements, please send them our way.

Best regards,


PS: We totally like what you did there. With the Terra, and the sick arrangement, and the wicked progression, and the and the and the awesome.

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