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Soul Blazer ReMixes

'He Came From the Sky'

  • Game: Soul Blazer
  • Composer(s): KAZZ TOYAMA
  • Copyright: Square-Enix


Apparently Cerrax was born in our stratosphere and is possibly an Air Pirate (come on, he has to be SOME kind of Pirate). He journeyed long from his homeland to reach the... umm... surface land to learn how to make synthetic rock. Then he played that one Soul Blazer game and decided to apply his newly discovered synthetic rock skills by making an arrangement of a tune in the game. Which tune, you ask? We don't know. And honestly we don't care. It's Cerrax. Cerrax, Cerrax, Cerrax (it's totally a pirate name). What more do you want? Information? Information is for suckers. Are you a sucker?

...We didn't think so.

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