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Live-A-Live ReMixes


  • Game: Live-A-Live
  • Composer(s): Yoko Shimomura
  • Copyright: Square


Fricken finally. I have be waiting forever for Eon to submit this song and finally it has arrived.

This is a ReMix of a song from a little known Squaresoft RPG that was released in Japan back in the 90s called Live-A-Live. It was an OK game but what was REALLY amazing about it was it's soundtrack by Yoko Shimomura (Parasite Eve, Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy XIII Versus).

Despite having such an amazing soundtrack, Live-A-Live has almost NEVER seen an arrangement, which is why I chose it for the Round 3 of OverClocked ReMix Idol for which this song was created.

You might heard this song then, or picked it up alittle later on VGMix, but you'll be glad to know that Eon has cleaned it up, and remastered it for us here, so be sure to download it AGAIN if you already have before!

Download this song! And while you're at it, download the LAL SPCs @ Zophar too!
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