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"As an artist, to have one of your songs posted on OverClocked ReMix is truly a
privilege, a goal worthy of working toward, and a true achievement in musicianship and arrangement. To have a song posted on
ReMix:ThaSauce, I feel, is our privelage,
moreso even than it is your own."

Douglas "Ramaniscence" Arley,
Founder ThaSauce Network
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2.2 Version 3.0
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ReMix:ThaSauce is a gaming arrangement branch of ThaSauce that launched on March 27th, 2006. Today the site reaches thousands worldwide and hosts songs by many of the artists featured on both VGMix and OverClocked ReMix such as long-time remixers DarkeSword, Beatdrop, and Shael Riley. The site offers a wide variety of styles and genres, and each song, artist, and game has tags for easy navigation.


The concept of the site was to make a remixing site that functioned in a way similar to that of OverClocked ReMix before the judges panel. It would accept songs based on the enjoyability of the music itself rather than requiring that other technical aspects be met. In addition, it would also accept songs that didn't fall within OverClocked ReMix's submission standards for reasons other than overall quality, such as limited arrangement of the original song or remastered/rearranged versions of older songs. Lastly, R:TS was launched at a key time when VGMix 2 had just been closed due to security problems, and artists had no common place to debut their music if they couldn't get it posted on OverClocked ReMix. Regardless of the circumstances, it is not the intention of ReMix:ThaSauce to eliminate the need for OverClocked ReMix nor VGMix, but rather to co-exist as another means to share music.

From an explanation from Ramaniscence in response to a question via e-mail:

OK. If you listen to a lot of OverClocked ReMix before 1000 you'll notice an obvious difference in quality as songs go, but more importantly [OverClocked ReMix]'s standards now a day are arguable...way out of control at some times? The site definitely isn't about what it used to be about. Now a days they put so much emphasis on production and arrangement that a lot of songs lose their nostalgic value. They become songs that, while technically good from a production standpoint, are just plain boring from a game arrangement standpoint. A lot of songs end up over arranged, and forgettable. Protricity's Rare Remeniscence on Kong in Concert is a good example of this. It was one of my favorite songs from the original soundtrack and, for me, was nearly unnoticeable in the arrangement. A similar chord structure and progression, to me anyway, does not a good remix make.

[OverClocked ReMix] rejects MOST of the songs it gets. This is no real secret, but a lot of people DON'T know that a lot of those songs rejected are REALLY good songs. There are VGM cover bands doing national tours that have gotten rejected from [OverClocked ReMix]. Professional game composers doing remixes of their own songs have gotten rejected from [OverClocked ReMix]. Not at all because the songs are BAD, but because they didn't fall within [OverClocked ReMix]'s standards as far as production and arrangement.

Site Creation

Ty "Suzumebachi" Guenley & Douglas "Ramaniscence" Arley (the sgtRama) had long talked about an arrangement site that closely resembled OverClocked ReMix back during it's 2nd and 3rd incarnations, explaining that many of the newer songs were technically better & had a more professional sound quality, but lacked the general "fun" sound of older OverClocked ReMixes like many songs by McVaffe, Zeratul, & earlier arrangements by djpretzel. After discovering that other members of the remixing community such as Xerol & Dragonlord felt the same way, they decided to create ReMix:ThaSauce. After first drafting Eon_Blue to create the initial site design, and later having Suzumebachi & Fusion2004 to do the PHP/database coding. The site was constructed throughout most of the month of March and was launched on March 27th, 2006.

Version 2.0

The 2.0 version of the site came through-out the month of October 2006. The site was near completely rebuilt from scratch using valid HTML, first by SgtRama based on the sample code from CSS Zen Garden, and then integrated with the databases & (word) with clean URLs by Fusion2004. The layout itself was seemingly almost exactly the same, but is almost entirely different in that it was completely controlled by the CSS stylesheet. This allows for much more flexibility and for more styles to easily be made/added at any time.

Due to the similarities in code & layout of CSS Zen Garden code and ReMix:ThaSauce, almost any CSS style on the former site will work on the latter with only minor tweaks.

Version 3.0

ReMix:ThaSauce 3.0 ushered in a complete re-imaging of the site. The entire site was redesigned from the ground up, again by Ramaniscence, using influences from other community sites such as Remix.Kwed.Org. Some changes include removing news updates from the main page, a large list of songs on the main page, streaming previews of songs on the song pages, and cross-site RSS updates on the artists' pages. Other notable additions include the remix submission form to simplify the submissions process, as well as the submissions status page to help inform artists of their currect submission's status.

Submission Guidelines

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