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ReMix:ThaSauce is a site dedicated to the appreciation & reinterpretation of video game music. It offers hundreds of free MP3 downloads of video game music remixes & includes artists from sites such as OverClocked ReMix & VGMix.

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date song game artist(s)
2012-08-26 'Time Stopper' Mega Man 2 by WillRock
2012-08-26 'Sky Puppetry' Sonic & Knuckles by Gario
2012-07-09 'Ghosts Go Wubwubwub' Luigi's Mansion by PurplePurp
2012-07-06 'This Ain't No Shower (It's a Down Pour)' OutRun by Lidawg
2012-07-01 'Insulator' Mega Man by DusK
2012-06-30 'Battle of the Holy' Castlevania: The Adventure by Minotaur Project
2012-05-09 'Atmospheric Evisceration' Wild Arms by Brandon Strader & The Biznut
2012-05-09 'Black Wings' Y's IV: Dawn of Ys by Saki XL
2012-04-27 'Danz Danz Revolution' Dynamite Headdy by DjMokram
2012-04-27 'White Noise' Street Fighter II: The World Warrior by Jakesnke17
2012-03-27 'Just a Day in the Mines' Mega Man 4 by PurplePurp
2012-03-04 'Sage of Confession' The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Brandon Strader
2012-02-13 'Pallet Town Castle' Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow by DragnBreth
2012-02-10 'The Dreamer Departs' Final Fantasy 10 by Lidawg
2012-02-08 'The Opaque Rider' Final Fantasy by Brandon Strader
2012-02-05 'Felix Feels Funky' Felix the Cat by Gario
2012-01-15 'Sunrise Over Mardia' MapleStory by Liquid Wind & Level 99
2011-12-18 'Veneficus Mens Mentis (Variations on a Theme of Simon)' Castlevania by Omigadrive & VikingGuitar
2011-11-23 'Last Day Together' Mother 3 by Monobrow
2011-11-23 'Shinra Sunrise' Final Fantasy 7 by Lampje4life
2011-11-20 'Ancient Dreams' NieR by Dj Mystix & Sabrina Valenzuela
2011-11-19 'Rocky vs Punch-Out!!' Punch-Out!! by Arc Impulse
2011-11-16 'A Different Kind of Dream' Kirby's Adventure by TheGuitahHeroe



Submission Guidelines
  1. All ReMixes should be submitted in MP3 format, encoded at no higher than 192kbps, with ID3v2 tags filled out according to guidelines. You may also include an alternate format such as S3M, XM, IT, FLAT, or OGG. (Please Note: These formats are ONLY excepted when accompanied by an MP3 file. If you do not include an MP3 file, one will be created for you.)
  2. Only submit one ReMix at a time. If you have several ready, choose what you believe to be the best. Wait at least a week between submissions.
  3. Make sure your ReMix is original & your own, does not borrow too heavily from outside sources, and is not simply a MIDI file with instrument changes. Give your Remix an original title that is neither your own name nor the name of the original track (though it can be a variation).
  4. Once you're ready to submit you can fill out the ReMix submission form. Alternatively you can e-mail your submission to submissions [at] remix.thasauce.net including all relevant information. If you are a new ReMixer, be sure to include your ReMixer name and (optionally) your real name, email address, and/or website. You may also vouch to include an Avatar- a 100x75 image (it will otherwise be cropped for you) in JPG, GIF, or PNG format. It does not necessarily have to be a picture of yourself either.
  5. If you send an e-mail, do not send your submission as an email attachment unless there are no other options - this may increase the time it takes for your mix to be evaluated. Instead, email a link to where the mix can be found. Also, please do not use temporary file hosting services, such as Rapidshare, as your files may expire before we get to them.

Community Sites

  • OverClocked ReMix
  • VGMix
  • RKO
  • VGMusic
  • remixSite
  • OverLooked ReMix
  • GM4A

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