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Terranigma ReMixes

'Resurrection of Trance'

  • Game: Terranigma
  • Composer(s): Miyoko Kobayashi, Masanori Hikichi
  • Copyright: Enix
Ghetto Lee Lewis

Ghetto Lee Lewis

We weren't aware Trance had ever died, but we're kinda glad it pulled a Jesus with the help of Dr. Lewis. Because if it hadn't, there would be one less Terranigma mix in the world, and that's just something we couldn't live with. Well, maybe if we were comatose and on some kind of life support, but that wouldn't be very pretty. Though the insurance payoff might be nice in the long run. Anyways, GLL has come to share with the world some epic trance goodness. Somehow we actually find this song much more relaxing than most trance, which is really kinda cool. Not really much else to say about this mix other than it's pretty long at just over 8 minutes. Usually songs that long get pretty boring, but GLL manages to keep it together well enough to keep your head from exploding. That wouldn't be very pretty. Like some kind of Gallagher show gone horribly awry. Anyways if you're into trance, or you like terranigma, or you have or have had a minimum of two working limbs at any point in your life, you are going to download. This song. Right now. (Our sincere apologies to Torso People).


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