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Tags - NES

Song Game Mixer(s) RTS ID
Music Of My Duck Duck Hunt Shael Riley RTS0002
Moon Beats Duck Tales Cyan RTS0003
Espergirl 2A03 Final Fantasy 6 Shnabubula RTS0004
Mix of Thieves Super Robin Hood Sadorf RTS0008
Poor Knight Wizards & Warriors Winter Sin & Lowaim RTS0011
Mark of the Diskarmor Rygar Cerrax RTS0015
Pursuit of a Demon Ninja Gaiden Eon_Blue RTS0018
Insulation Subjugation Mega Man 3 Sadorf RTS0023
A New Breed of Cat Hello Kitty's Flower Shop Rexy RTS0043
Linear Groove Tetris Benjamin Briggs RTS0046
Paperboy Gone Postal Paperboy Diseased Project RTS0047
Chromatic Acoustics Mega Man 3 Retlaf RTS0052
Water and Wood Hurts T&C Surf Designs J-Witz RTS0058
MegaMan 2: Dirty Metallic Sheen (Platinum Alloy Edit) Mega Man 2 Xenon Odyssey RTS0062
Another World Guardian Legend Brunzolaitis RTS0063
Toccato and Fuga in D-Minor Gyruss temp sound solutions & housethegrate RTS0066
The Law of Gravity Mega Man 5 Chronodin RTS0079
Ol' Rusty Ironsword richter RTS0091
Pyramids of the Koopahari Desert (Lost in the Dunes) Super Mario Bros. 3 Random Hero RTS0098
Ice Man (Slippery When Mixing) Mega Man Disco Dan RTS0118
Winds of Change Final Fantasy 3 AzureKevin RTS0136
Playing Super Mario World While Taking Mushrooms Super Mario World Shnabubula RTS0154
Sky Diver, Inside Her Mega Man 4 Mutherpluckin' B RTS0155
Groove Bias Resurrection Wizards & Warriors vindkast RTS0166
Dungeon of Despair Zelda NintenJoe 64 RTS0170
MegaMix Rygar Jago RTS0175
Air Guitar Mega Man 2 Mutherpluckin' B RTS0176
Megavolt! Mega Man 3 Gario RTS0177
Tranquillity Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragons & the Blade of Light Jago RTS0185
Investigating Outer Heaven Metal Gear Mutherpluckin' B RTS0202
Juese Belmont Castlevania The Stuff of Legends RTS0205
Bokky Ga Chikazuite Iru Solar Jetman Platonist RTS0214
Minus World Super Mario Bros. GSlicer & The Scarborough Joker RTS0219

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