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Tetris ReMixes

'Linear Groove'

  • Game: Tetris
  • Composer(s):
  • Copyright: Nintendo
Benjamin Briggs

Benjamin Briggs

I can do the write-up for this one, EASY. EazyP ranted and raved about this song for a few weeks, and I didn't particularly think much of it. I mean, I expected it to be good but...well let me rewind.

Some people may remember this song as one of the most amazing songs on all of VGMix 2.0, and DEFINITELY one of the most amazing Tetris remixes, if not THE most amazing, ever. While I was out of town EazyP e-mailed it to me in an email entitled "This is a direct to post." When I opened the song and heard just what it was, my jaw DROPPED.

Needless to say this song is amazing. If you haven't heard it, you need to RIGHT NOW. Huge thanks to chthonic for allowing us the privelage of posting this, and whom also had this to say:

"One time, I decided I was going to to a remix of the Type B music from Tetris... or maybe it's Type C. I don't really know or care, but the the point is I finished the remix in three days and called it Linear Groove. kthx"


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