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Mega Man 3 ReMixes

'Chromatic Acoustics'

  • Game: Mega Man 3
  • Composer(s): Bun Bun
  • Copyright: Capcom


And synthetic guitars... and synthetic guitars. There is a space alien on the edge of our galaxy sending us telepathic messages telling us to watch Twin Peaks. We're not sure what that has to do with this song from Mr. Retlaf but it doesn't matter. All that matters is he's back again, this time with some kind of saccharin (or perhaps aspartame) induced Mega Man 3 arrangement involving acoustic guitar samples and some kind of marimba. The marimba speaks to us in ways that only our brain can comprehend. It says "Happy, Happy. Joy, Joy." Then after it's all over it accuses us of being the grand daddy of all liars. We're not sure what the marimba has against us, but we believe Retlaf's intentions were good and that's what counts. It's like a giving an acquantaince a birthday present, but without the awkwardness that ensues when you realize they're about to open it right in front of you. Intentions, intentions. Oh well, you can't please everyone-- OR every marimba. Regardless, thanks to our recent contact with mental space aliens we have read his mind and Retlaf totally wants you to download his song and write a god damned comment on the god damned comment forum for Shatner's sake.
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