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Rygar ReMixes

'Mark of the Diskarmor'

  • Game: Rygar
  • Composer(s): Unknown
  • Copyright: Tecmo


RYGAR PILLAGE VILLAGE. RYGAR INCITE FIGHT. RYGAR MURDER HERDER. RYGAR BAKE CAKE. It's like Rygar's Girl Scout camping adventure, but with less drama and more killing of the badmen. Silly badmen, when will they learn that Rygar will win the needle threading competition every time? Our guess is 2023 because by then, there will be mega space robots that can destroy badmen and thread needles for us. Rygar, you have been replaced! On that note, Cerrax is one such robot, and is preparing for his future role as polite talking gold person by making music in Rygar's honor. Or maybe he secretly hates Rygar and is trying to befriend him only to stab him in a robotic fury of swords and and and birthday cakes so that he may rule as the one and only Destroyer of Badmen. And cake. Err ruler of cake. Not destroyer. Nobody wants to destroy cakes, except for maybe the intestinal tracts of those who consume it. But that's inevitable. And also irrelevant. You know what else is irrelevant? This write-up. You know why? Because internets can suck it. Now seriously, let's get serious. Ok maybe not. Seriously though, Cerrax knows how to work the technos. He drops the beat. Yet he avoids dropping the cake. Unlike the badmen, who will never get their cooking badges. Or something. In any case, Cerrax cracks a few eggs and some chickens and hippies cry but he doesn't even care cuz he's a flippin mega space robot for Shatner's sake. Then he mixes it up and bakes it for just under 4 minutes. The end result is nothing but DOWNLOAD MAS CHINGON. Etc.

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