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Wizards & Warriors ReMixes

'Poor Knight'

Winter Sin

Winter Sin & Lowaim

Sweet mother of techno! This message was brought to you by two dudes who got together and made a Wizards and Warriors remix! 4-on-the-floor style! Frightening Red Kool-aid men breaking through walls and things! OH YEAH! We gets the glow sticks and the ravers and then we party like it's 1995! Hang on to your pacifier, cuz we're in for a ride. Into the world. Of trance. At least we think it's trance. In order to make sure, we contacted some homeless dude hanging around a 7/11. He gave us a list to check. Then he asked us for ten dollars and made light commentary on the U.S. Government's mind control rays and something about Chinese gold farmers. In any case, the list:

      Basic 4-on-the-floor drumbeat
      Offbeat bass pattern
      Some kind of pad instrument
      Staccato synth accompaniment
      Staggered detuned synth lead
     X Change for Hamburger
     X Job

So it's roughly 71% trance. Not that we really care. We could call it "Lampshade" and someone will still download it. Then that someone would get all upset and call us racist against lampshades. And they'd be right. You ever seen a lampshade hold a job? HAVE YOU? ...That's what we thought.

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