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Duck Hunt ReMixes

'Music Of My Duck'

  • Game: Duck Hunt
  • Composer(s): Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka
  • Copyright: Nintendo
Shael Riley

Shael Riley

Shael Riley is here to save the day with some awesome electronic funkity flip stiffly stiffersonic shampoo saliva jams (no worries we got meds). This track is a flashback to the rat pack award plaque duxattak (o< o< o<) telephone jack modem hack known as RoFL. It is a well known fact that Mr. Riley has a Ph.D in awesome. And again he puts it to use in this very song ladies and gentledudes. This song made history. This song IS history. Buddha listened to this while meditating. Jesus rocked out shortly before walking on water. Da Vinci hummed along as he painted the Mona Lisa. It was the battle hymn of the Soviet Republic at the Battle of Stalingrad. Actually we totally made all that up. Not like it matters. What matters is Shael has tapped into the life force of the planet and molded it into mp3 form or some crap like that. Download it or else.

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