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Duck Tales ReMixes

'Moon Beats'

  • Game: Duck Tales
  • Composer(s): Capcom Sound Team
  • Copyright: Capcom


Duck Tales? That's awesome, because Duck Tales also happens to be the first game we... er I, Suzumebachi, ever mixed oh so long ago. 2002 was the year, and the Freshly Baked ReMix Challenge was in full swing, and remixers were new, and Suzumebachi was childish and foolhardy, and FruityLoops was the latest miracle tool, or so people thought until songs were posted and Mustins reviewed and egos were shattered. It's all fun times until Mustin goes and pokes an eye out! (Just kidding, without Mustin telling us how much we sucked, we wouldn't be half the awesome we are today!)

But Cyan doesn't even use FruityLoops! He uses Reason, the OTHER miracle tool. And he makes it sound pretty good too. This song is a pretty slick version of the moon level theme from Duck Tales. Complete with organic EP, smooth synthesizers, and some subdued but quite well done percussion work.

The tune begins with some EP kwak around the chord progression before the synth lead takes over with that ever-so-familiar melody. You know the one we're talking about. The song continues forward by filtering in some fun synth arpeggios that cover the progression, quickly followed by some smooth drum beats. The song doesn't stop there either, oh no! We like the drum thingy that happens. We do. A TV Chef guy says "kick it up a notch" and so we does. And then Cyan gets down to business. He breaks out the beef and makes us a nice Capcom barbecue, complete with napkins covered in greasy funk juice. Whatever the hell that means.

The overall feel of this song is very space floaty. Like any trip to the moon should be. A fowl trip to the moon even. Sometimes we wonder, if ducks could fly, would they fly to the moon? And then we answer, of course!

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