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Ironsword ReMixes

'Ol' Rusty'

  • Game: Ironsword
  • Composer(s): Dave Wise
  • Copyright: Rare


Richter is a dirty, dirty man. HE'S ONLY FOURTEEN BUT WE DON'T CARE. The REAL king of pillows sent us this snappy cracker music (DANCE WHITEY, DANCE) and then proceeded to bug us on IRC every day, threaten us with violence, and even threaten to never post another song on OLR ever again, if we didn't post it. We caved (we're weak). Anyways, it's got guitars, and techno, so basically a little bit of everything for white people. Because white people like guitars. And techno. Plus, it doesn't suck. That's more than we can say for half the other crap that gets posted here. WE KID, YOU KNOW WE LOVE YOU SKRYPNYK. Wait, you're still reading this? In that case, did you know that much like celery, eating this song actually burns more calories than there are in the song itself? Eat away, friends. Do it for your children. Do it for America. Do it for rikka. Just do it.

Oh, and richter spies with his little eye, something that starts with a 'T'. Hint: it's rusty.
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