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Mega Man 3 ReMixes

'Insulation Subjugation'

  • Game: Mega Man 3
  • Composer(s): Bun Bun
  • Copyright: Capcom


Sadorf is back again! He's got some pretty slick Mega Man 3 tunage for us folks this go round, so shtay a while and lishen. If Sean Connery were ever in a video game, it would totally be the Diablo series. Anyways, Sadorf is the man now dog, and he proves it by mixing orchestral and classical piano elements into his usual synthy affair. Kinda like when we're making pizza and we decide to mix in left over taco seasoning. Minus the following trip to the hospital to get your stomach pumped. In other words, Sadorf makes a pretty mean techno pizza. We like pizza, therefore we automatically like this song. We also automatically like money (send us some). In any case, even if you're not even into the whole techno thing, the strings and pianos and stuff just may win you over! It's like there's something for everyone. Unless you have a mullet. Or are deaf.

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