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Super Robin Hood ReMixes

'Mix of Thieves'



When was the last time you listened to a song and said to yourself, "this song is perhaps even possibly too happy"? For us it was about 10 minutes ago when we put this here sadorf song on repeat and let it play as we sat down to write this here review thingy. And again when it repeated, and then again when it repeated for a third time, and then again, and again, and still again, then a few more times, then we took a piss break, had a bowl of cereal, and then it darn happened again. We work very slow, you see. Part of a disorder widely known as Chatticus Distracticus. It's pretty rare. Regardless, this song is indeed entirely too happy. For it's own good. And possibly ours, because it is reminding us of a song by SgtRama entitled "Too Happy". We played it in a car for our friends once, and they slapped a restraining order on us until we were finally able to convince a judge that music can in fact be too happy for it's own good. And possibly his. So he listened to it, changed his name, and now lives in a different area code. Happy music sure has a strange effect on people. Back to the topic at hand, sadorf proves himself quite able at creating extraordinarily happy music in the vein of electronic beats and synths and things with this dandy Super Robin Hood mix of his, cleverly entitled 'Mix of Thieves'. If you're not tight with sadorf's music, we suggest you familiarize yourself now by downloading and listening to this here song. Then you can go ahead and download and listen to sadorf's entire library, especially his earlier music under the guise of 'sadorf420'. Good stuff, that. Well that about wraps up this episode of Suzumebachi Gone Wrong. Thanks for listening and tune in next week when we attempt to calm the ebb and fury of our own social ineptidude. With our bare hands.

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