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Tags - guitar

Song Game Mixer(s) RTS ID
Arkangel Terranigma Alastair RTS0010
The Curse Zombies Ate My Neighbors CPacaud RTS0012
NiNJaZZ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 zyko & Koelsch1 RTS0020
Stand Tall Lufia 2 OA RTS0030
New Promises Silent Hill 2 pothocket RTS0036
Memoirs of the Green Haired Folk Lemmings Vurez RTS0041
How Much Longer Final Fantasy 10 pothocket RTS0045
Chronicles Chrono Trigger Sixto Sounds & Geoffrey Taucer RTS0061
Toccato and Fuga in D-Minor Gyruss temp sound solutions & housethegrate RTS0066
Yeah, I'd Tap That (Mia Fey's Theme) Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations OA RTS0130
Giant Robo Bonanza Live-A-Live Tensei-San RTS0133
The Hot Pink of Blues Final Fantasy 6 Prince Of Darkness RTS0141
Follow the Dreamhare The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Red Tailed Fox & zyko RTS0146
A Monument To Non-Existence Final Fantasy 6 Skummel Maske RTS0162
Dungeon of Despair Zelda NintenJoe 64 RTS0170
Insanely Powerful Punch Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Geoffrey Taucer RTS0172
Final Breath Final Fantasy 4 NintenJoe 64 RTS0173
Mega Man Jam Pt. 1 (Flash Man) Mega Man 2 Spazer RTS0174
Air Guitar Mega Man 2 Mutherpluckin' B RTS0176
Calcobrena After a Night of Dinner and Dancing Final Fantasy 4 Level 99 RTS0183
Punks in Egypt Asterix Skummel Maske RTS0190
Slide on Sand! Wave Race 64 Scaredsim RTS0191
Investigating Outer Heaven Metal Gear Mutherpluckin' B RTS0202
Hot Bullets of Shotgun to Die! Bloody Wolf Sixto Sounds RTS0207
Something's Out There! Princess Maker 2 jmr RTS0218
Welcome to Hell Cave Story Divine Wrath RTS0220
Naito Obu [br00tl] Touhou Kaeidzuka: Phantasmagoria of Flower View Kidd Cabbage RTS0227
Lunar Dioxide Gran Turismo Level 99 RTS0231

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