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Silent Hill 2 ReMixes

'New Promises'

  • Game: Silent Hill 2
  • Composer(s): Akira Yamaoka
  • Copyright: Konami


When I got this mix, I knew I wouldn't be able to appreciate it as much as some other people, so I REALLY wanted to get a write-up from someone who WOULD appreciate it. First choice was resident Suzu, as he has a huge obsession with Silent Hill music, but as we know it's incredibly hard to get Suzu to do much of anything that isn't WoW. 

My 2nd choice was actually someone I'd RATHER have do it, but who has been EVEN MORE elusive than Suzu since his (not-so)recent marriage & his departure from #ocremix. That's right, Matthew "Children of the Monkey Machine" Newman . As luck would have it he happened to stop by #ocremix this morning for the first time in a WEEK, and I played this song for him (over his cellphone/Skype because the computer he was on had no working sound). 

So here you have it: Guest write up NUMBA 2!

"[08:44] <CotMM-68030> In this accoustic mix of "Promise" from the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack pothocket attempts to capture the compelling mixture of comfort and dispair present in the original track. Switching to a more accoustic mix than the original builds on the 'home' feel from the original, without the raucous energy present by the overdrive leads in the original...

[08:45] <CotMM-68030> pothocket does a great job of keeping that original feel of comfort with an overwhelming sense of dispair brought on by the melody itself. Cool stuff."
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