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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 ReMixes



zyko & Koelsch1

Konami style. Koelsch1 and Zyko have teamed up to bring you people this here Ninja Turtles jam session. TURTLES IN A HALF SHELL! Like some kind of amphibious ninja jazz (hence the title). We dig it. Kinda like Dig Dug, but dirtier and with more guitar, via the one and only Zyko on the strings. And Koelsch1 shares his inner feelings by playing for us some saxomophange. This ain't no light tune, people. Coming in at just under 11 minutes, this heavyweight means business. It's like Evander Holyfield, complete with... wait Evander Holyfield isn't complete anymore is he... In any case, you can thank Mike Tyson for not biting the ear off of Zyko or Koelsch1. We certainly do. Anyways, if you like guitars, or funky jazzes, or saxobongs, or are possibly epileptic, you will totally dig this song. Because that's what it is. Epileptic. Oh and it has basses and guitars and saxogringos and they all work together in some kind of chemically induced cohesive stupor that could only be possible in the hands of these two particular badmen. That or the epileptic thing. Either way, it's mighty good stuff, even if it is on the long side. So we'd like to say to our compadres, good jaeorb, and it's totally rad to see our main man Weed back on the scene!!1 With the hotness. Kthx, afk.

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