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Final Fantasy 6 ReMixes

'The Hot Pink of Blues'

Prince Of Darkness

Prince Of Darkness

This an AMAZING mix that came out of DoD a few monthes back. I've loved it since then, and people like Suzu and F4T4L had been bugging me to get a hold of PoD to get it submitted. Finally yesterday I found a way to contact him, and he was glad to let us post it :D

From Prince Of Darkness:

"This is only my second major video game remix released. I've always been the lurking type, developing my arranging skills deep in the shadows, and only doing something when I felt I was finally ready.

This song was my second entry into the Dwelling of Duels competition (and second victory), and I had an overwhelming response. I've always loved really emotional-sounding tunes, despite me being mostly a mechanical, precise, heavy metal robot. With this song, I brought in all of the jazz and fusion influences I could muster and pretty much slapped it together as I went through it. Normally, I would do almost all of the arranging in a notation program, but this time I used more instinct in a more real-time setting.

I love this type of genre, because it also helped me express my bass skills more, considering bass is really my primary instrument; whereas, 99% of the time the guitar would be in the spotlight. It's not entirely out of the spotlight in this, of course, as it offers some of the most emotion in the solos."

Prince of Darkness did an AMAZING version of this song during his live set at MAGFest. Luckily starla got a video of it. CHECK IT OUT!

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