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Final Fantasy 6 ReMixes

'A Monument To Non-Existence'

Skummel Maske

Skummel Maske

Skummel Maske writes:

Kefka is the most metal villain the Final Fantasy series has ever thrown at us. He's also the most thoroughly insane one, and the only one to actually manage to destroy the world. All this is a good reason to give Kefka a metal tribute, is it not?

This mix actually started out as a Dethklok-inspired test track, to see how brutal I could make a track sound. Somewhere along the way I started playing Kefka's theme on the lead guitar, which fit perfectly into the arrangement, and realized that this could make a great DoD entry. Just repeating Kefka's theme over and over wouldn't have been very interesting though, so I based the backing parts on the theme, and ended up playing a long guitar solo over what felt like half the track. It kind of felt like a cheap shot at the time, but I think it works. The track does sound complete, even though it deviates some from the original.

//Thomas B
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