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Zombies Ate My Neighbors ReMixes

'The Curse'



While we unfortunately have not had the privelage of being eaten by zombies or chainsaw wielding madmen, Mr. Pacaud's neighbors have. He made this song in their honor. Made from cannibal harpsichords, dangerous organs, and a guitar WITH A HEART OF CHROME AND THE VOICE OF A HORNY ANGEL. Also drums and bass. Plenty of rock to go around dear friends. Christian takes a monstrously delightful gothic approach to this work, and he executes it quite well. Then he executes some zombies and things and Bella Lugosi comes over and they rock out on guitars and kill zombies but then Lugosi is like "OH NO I ARE DRACULAS" and then Mr. Pacaud takes his guitar, finds the precise angle from which to strike, and stakes the Draculas in the heart with his guitar! The guitar bleeds Chuck Berry red, and Meatloaf bats his hair out of hell and gets on a motorcycle and rides off into the distance whilst Pacaud continues on in his quest to destroy all zombies, frankenmen, auto-fellatio cripple dogs, draculas, and evil Iranian hot dog vendors. We could also just say that this song rocks out like some kind of deranged heavy metal baroque concerto of doom. If only Bach had a mullet.

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