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Lemmings ReMixes

'Memoirs of the Green Haired Folk'

  • Game: Lemmings
  • Composer(s): Tomoni Hatakeyama
  • Copyright: SunSoft


Write-up byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Garian!:

Shablam.  Vurez apparently likes little green haired people who look like they're from Japan.  I wish I was from Japan, so Vurez could remix my songs.  And so I could be able to wear vulgar T-Shirts in mixed company and not know it.  Then I would get my squid-pizza and throw it at passersby and come out yelling "PUNK'D!"  What was I supposed to say again?  Write-up?  What do I look like, some sort of English major or something?

Well... FINE!  D:!  Vurez completely smashed apart the song and recombobulated it extra-cheese, like the kind on my aforementioned pizza.  We should all move to Japan.

[23:47] <Garian> buh

[23:47] <Garian> i am being told to get to slep >:(

[23:48] <Garian> well, good reason for it, haha

[23:48] <Garian> college and all


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