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  • Real name: Katie Kinkel
  • Website:
  • Wiki Article: Monobrow

Monobrow is a moniker Katie Kinkel goes by in and around online video game community. Katie's been interested in music since she was a small child, but only recently got into making her own, or at least arranging other people's works. This was mostly spurred into motion when she discovered OCReMix in early 2001, where she much later figured out how to use music software to make cool phat robo beatz. When she's not making crazu music, Katie is into physical activities such as hiking. Her biggest passion in life is drawing however, which brought her to attend the Art Institute of Atlanta towards a degree in Media Arts and Animation. Most of all though, Katie enjoys living life and having fun, the end.

2009-10-08 Tales of Symphonia 'Altar Perception'
2011-11-23 Mother 3 'Last Day Together'

Recent tracks on OverClocked ReMix:

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