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Before submitting a song to ReMix:ThaSauce, please view the submission guidelines below to make sure it matches the criteria required to be posted.

Submission Guidelines

  1. All ReMixes should be submitted in MP3 format, encoded at no higher than 192kbps, with ID3v2 tags filled out according to guidelines. At a later time we'll optionally allow you to also include an alternate format in the form of S3M, XM, IT, & possibly OGG.
  2. Only submit one ReMix at a time. If you have several ready, choose what you believe to be the best. Wait at least a week between submissions.
  3. Make sure your ReMix is original & your own, does not borrow too heavily from outside sources, and is not simply a MIDI file with instrument changes. Give your ReMix an original title that is neither your own name nor the name of the original track (though it can be a variation).
  4. Email your submission to submissions [at] remix.thasauce.net including all relevant information. If you are a new ReMixer, be sure to include your ReMixer name and (optionally) your real name, email address, and/or website. You may also vouch to include an Avatar- a 75x75 image in JPG, GIF, or PNG format. It does not necessarily have to be a picture of yourself either.
  5. Do not send your submission as an email attachment unless there are no other options - this may increase the time it takes for your mix to be evaluated. Instead, email a link to where the mix can be found. Also, please do not use temporary file hosting services, such as Rapidshare, as your files may expire before we get to them.

ID3 Format

ID3v1 Fields (required)
  • Title: (Game Name): (ReMix Title -- try to think of something original here) R:TS Mix
  • Artist: (Mixer Name / Handle)
  • Genre: Game
  • Album: http://remix.thasauce.net

ID3v2 Fields (optional)

Note: Some of these fields may only be visible in ID3 editors other than Winamp
  • Composer: The name of composer, if known
  • Copyright: Copyright owner of the game in question, if known
  • URL: http://remix.thasauce.net
  • Lyrics: Any lyrics your song may have.
  • Artist webpage: Your personal webpage
  • Buy CD webpage: http://remix.thasauce.net/


  • Filenames should go by the following format: MixerName_GameName-SongName_RTS.mp3
  • There should be no spaces, and no special characters.
  • Example: Suzumebachi_ChronoCross-PlacidShores_RTS.mp3

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