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Mother 3 ReMixes

'Last Day Together'

  • Game: Mother 3
  • Composer(s): Shogo Sakai
  • Copyright: HAL Laboratory


Monobrow writes:

I made this song a couple weeks ago to capture the innocence and joy on the last day Lucas, Claus, and Hinewa spent together. If only Flint had been there... I feel that their last day was like every other day, fun, full of adventure and love, but regular, how it should be. Every day of childhood should be well spent between a mother and her children, visiting grandpa, letting her kids run around, making their favorite lunch. The added emphasis was on innocence, of them, and the place they were, which was almost 'Garden of Eden' like. Untouched, like childhood.

So yeah, that's what this song is about. It's the fun before you have to grow up.

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