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NiGHTS ReMixes

'Going Home Remix'

  • Game: NiGHTS
  • Composer(s): Fumie Kumatani, Naofumi Hataya, Tomoko Sasaki
  • Copyright: Sega


"Chill." Or should we say, "Chillax." We could even say "Death Ambience." But we won't. Because then we'd be wrong. So instead we'll say this laid back mix from Skrypnyk is smooth like Sinatra. Minus the mob connections. And the singing. The song itself is actually quite remeniscent of the PC game Freelancer (featuring music by Andrew Sega, also known as Necros in the mod scene) which is a good thing. We've never played NiGHTS, so judging by the music we're going to assume that you traffic illegal drugs across vast sectors of space and blow up anything and everything that gets in your way. Either that or you judge pony pageants in magical lands made from peaches and and and tractor beams. Get away from our spaceship! Anyways if you're as psychotic as we are, you probably need something to help you relax. This song is a great place to start.

Now give us all your Cardamine.

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