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Sonic CD ReMixes


  • Game: Sonic CD
  • Composer(s): Naofumi Hataya, Spencer N. Nilsen, Masafumi Ogata, Pastiche
  • Copyright: Sega


Get out your glowsticks ladies and gentlemens, it's time t-- YES! It's technos. We dig technos. Sometimes, late at night, we like to sit in our room and think. If you ever saw us thinking, you'd think, what is they thinking about? Science? Wrong, the correct answer is technos. The neverending BOOMTISS of our mind lulls us into the deepest of slumbers where we dream of mystical lands where fairies wear raver pants and have pacifier necklaces and an enourmous white guy starts pop-locking while everyone watches-- half disgusted, half curious. Then the next thing we know William Shatner is falling off the roof of a tall building and just as he's about to hit the ground we wake up. Our psychiatrist tells us it's because we're emotionally attached to Star Trek. Then we tell him to go pound sand, slap ourselves in the face and vomit all over his carpet. Business as usual. In other words, Spunodi has telepathic dream altering powers and if you don't listen to his song, you'll be seeing a psychiatrist too! Hmm... on second thought, maybe we shouldn't be threatening our listeners?

...On third thought, do it or else!!!!11
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