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Sonic the Hedgehog ReMixes

'Marble Heart'



We gots a big night ahead of us tonight. A crapload of songs to post, including the masturbatory song #50! So lets dig into it shall we?

AkumajoBelmont starts us off this fine evening with a VERY cool Sonic the Hedgehog mix. An electronic ballad of sorts, the track begins with a heavily arranged piano rendition of the Marble Zone theme from Sonic 1 on the Genesis. Some cryptic vocal clips tell us some kind of emo crap while Akumajo brings in some electronic elements until a very fashionable transition where the full electronic arrangement comes in and the piano begins to play some subtle accompaniment. Then bingo, there we have it, the main theme played by some very smooth synths. AkumajoBelmont knows what he's doing. He even throws in some well placed stop-times in the latter half of the production. Bonus points for the harpsichordy synth. Overall, this is muy bueno, and you're gonna love it. We know we did. Highly recommended.

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