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Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow ReMixes

'Dracula's Servants'



So this one sat and sat and sat in the QC forum...and despite my efforts...no one did a damn thing. So I've decided to YES OVERRIDE it. On top of that, I've decided to call in a guest write-up from one of our contributes. So without further adue(sp??), Cerrax:

"For someone who is humble enough to insist that he be called JustChris, this mix certainly extravagant enough to warrant a less humble name. Like OMGAWESOME. This is a song that makes you shake whatchya momma gave ya and still feel like no one is staring at you with a glance of disgust......maybe I just get all those stares. In any case, this mix is trippin' but not fallin'. The drums slip in and out of consciousness while a catchy piano serenades us through Dracula's acid-lined halls. Overall, there's a lot going on in this mix and it will take a few listens before you can't control your urge to get up and dance. On your living room table. Naked. And what's with the xylophone?! Sweetness in subtlety baby. This remix has been JustChris induced and Cerrax approved. Whether you like dancing naked, vampires, xylophones or all three together, you need to download this now. Or else Dracula will dance naked on your xylophone for eternity."
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