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Metal Gear Solid ReMixes

'Ghosts of Shadow Moses'

  • Game: Metal Gear Solid
  • Composer(s): Tappy Iwase, Rika Muranaka
  • Copyright: Konami


Another day, another mix, ANOTHER GUEST WRITE-UP! This is actually the last mix in this batch, and this write-up comes from the other Doug on the block: Doug "DP/DrumUltima" Perry!

"So lately I've been getting into dancing, clubbing at some of the hottest spots in town like "Hall High School Junior Prom" and "Hall High School Senior Prom".  Nothing better than being home from your first year of college.  But as I began to get my groove on, I developed a newfound respect for such genres as techno, club, trance, house, etc etc.  So it's needless to say that I totally dug Siamy's new mix, "Ghosts of Shadow Moses.

This mix is not only really well produced, but is really something I was able to groove too.  Great source material as well, in my opinion, the oboe-synth sound that plays the melody at 2:20 is smooth as silk and makes for an excellent breakdown.  I also noticed bits and pieces of the source melody scattered about, whether it was intentional or not I don't know!  Regardless, this is a great tune and you should listen RIGHT NOW.

I'll have to go back to Hall High School and make sure that this plays at my next clubbin' trip."
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