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Sonic Chaos ReMixes

'I Am Supersonic'

  • Game: Sonic Chaos
  • Composer(s): Mix, Nagao N. Gee
  • Copyright: Sega


A combination of broken internets, final exams, and general laziness has led to our absence from the posting of the remixes on the site and things, but as of now, we are back in business baby! And so is our favorite Dominican, S|r NutS! It's like a great big family reunion. Except without the family. Or that embarassing moment when you figure out the hot girl you've been hitting on is totally that cousin you haven't seen since you were 5. Right? And then you continue hitting on her regardless? Y'all know what we're talking about. Anyways, Captain Testicles has shared with us this here Sonic Chaos track, and we're glad he did, because it's like happy and stuff. Where would we be without happy music? Probably cutting our wrists and posting on livejournal. But that's beside the point. The point is S|r NutS is known in certain circles as a technoperson. As a technoperson he makes technomusic. Which kind of explains what you're about to download. It's super happy techno made for the blue hedgehog with the rad attitude that's totally extreme and fast and stuff. NutS busts out with the randomly intersperced basslines and 4 on the floor drums that are all typical of the genre, only he does it in classic NutS style with heavy melodic influence and and and the happiness. Plus S|r NutS has recently become Supersonic and that's totally cool with us. Cheers, mates!

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