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Mega Man 7 ReMixes

'Journey Into Shadow'

  • Game: Mega Man 7
  • Composer(s): Capcom Sound Team
  • Copyright: Capcom
Ghetto Lee Lewis

Ghetto Lee Lewis

We thought Ghetto Lee Lewis was dead or something! Then we woke up from our nightmare and then GLL done sent us this here magical tune. It was totally like the best day of our lives. Except for that one time where the thing happened and the stuff and the newsmen were all over it but then they decided it was nothing and left before anything really happened. But that's a story for another time. This time is GLL's magical time. It's also SgtRama's 21st birthday. We were gonna make a tune for him, but we're lazy so we're gonna hijack GLL's instead (hopefully he doesn't sue). So this song is in remembrance of SgtRama (1985-2003). Happy 21st bro. Now on to the music. If you're not familiar with Ghetto Lee Lewis, he's like, the Jerry Lee Lewis of techno. And piano. Minus the incest and the ebophilia and various other weirdisms particular to inbred hillbillies. GLL focuses on the techno this go around. What we gots here is some fairly well produced club style trance, complete with unintelligible robo voices and drug induced progressive feel. It's like ecstacy, only with half the brain damage and minimal amounts of date rape involved. Kinda like high school. But more electro. Also Mega Man, which should be reason enough alone for you to download this song. That is what you were planning on doing... Right? RIGHT? Thanks for the submission Mr. GLL, keep up the nice work.

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