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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ReMixes

'Zelda's Nightmare'



We are sad pandas. And we blame Rexy for sending us a sad song. Or at least the beginning is. Then it gets happy. For about two seconds. Then sad again. We think Rexy has issues, and we recommend she gets into behavioral therapy. Or drugs. Hopefully drugs, because they are awesome. And by awesome, we mean talking dogs talk about drugs all the time on the TV box. Scruff McGruff be the name, drugs be his game. We hear he's the biggest pusher this side of Shy-town. Rexy could be our contact, and then we could have a big drug party with the dancing and the talking of the dogs and the inevitable repeated switching of the lights and words like "Dude" and "Man" and "Urinary Tract Infection." And it would be good times until Scruff McGruff's evil corrupt cop twin comes and busts the door down and arrests us and then we gets lost in the system and are in prison for 200 years until the government discovers our existence and profusely apologizes before secretly having us executed. Speaking of drugs, once we get past the manic depression, Rexy busts out the bass and super quartet and wreaks havoc all 90's techno style with the detuned saw leads and everything that you'd totally hear at a nightclub somewhere just outside of Berlin in 1994. Actually we have no idea what you'd hear at a nightclub just outside of Berlin in 1994. Hell we were never anywhere near Berlin in 1994. Or ever. We're just making commentary. And bad commentary at that. But you know what? We don't care, and neither does Scruff McGruff. But Scruff McGruff certainly does care about this song, and totally wants you to 'Just Say No' to his evil twin.

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