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Katamari Damacy ReMixes

'You Are Adult'

  • Game: Katamari Damacy
  • Composer(s): Katamary Damacy Sound Team
  • Copyright: Namco


We were wondering what EazyP meant by "You Are Adult." We, as these write-ups prove, are clearly not. At first we took it as an insult, before we realized EazyP wasn't talking to us. He was apparently talking to the Child inside each of us that always wanted to be an Adult. Or so our psychologist says.  Our psychologist says a lot of things, so we pay him a lot. In cake. Mmm cake.

This here is some pretty upbeat stuff. EazyP starts us off simple enough with some synthy stabbies. Pluck, pluck, pluckity it sings to itself in some kind of ethereal world where giant men with giant heads vomit giant rainbows that teleport green children to planets inhabited by the joy of awesome music. Some kind of detuned bass instrument accompanies the pluckers and spreads the cheer. Then we get to our favorite part, a chorus of stringed instruments joins in with chromatic goodness and the green child that wants to be an adult rolls up a fatty and hangs out with his wang out but not before pluck, pluck, plucking away on mallets and keyboards and things and carrying forth our souls on this wondrous journey to the end. Of the song.

Time to schedule another appointment with our psychologist.

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