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Mega Man 7 ReMixes

'Uneven Pavement'

  • Game: Mega Man 7
  • Composer(s): Capcom Sound Team
  • Copyright: Capcom


Saxophony. With a phony saxophone! And pianos and things. The things are what count. Anyways, OCR Idol winner Hemophiliac is here with some jazzish Mega Man 7 for you. And us. But mostly you, because there's only three of us (and only one that actually counts)! As you can see we like numbers and math. So here is an equation:

( Hemophiliac * Mega Man 7 ) + ( Awesome * Piano^2 ) = ( Saxophone * The Goodness ) - Rock

Solve for awesome. If you get anything other than 1, well, there's obviously something wrong with you. We got 42. In any case, we'd like for you to download this. Plus, we'd like for you to enjoy it. Plus, we'd like to thank Hemophiliac for this Xylophone-laden jazzy fun time. Yes Hemo, we owe you a prize. A prize of which the magnitude can only be matched by the very essence of Suzumebachi's twisted sense of humor. Find out what the hell that means on the next episode of... As ThaSauce Turns! :D


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