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Lufia 2 ReMixes

'The Final Showdown'

  • Game: Lufia 2
  • Composer(s): Yasunori Shiono
  • Copyright: Sunsoft


Welcome to Remix:ThaSauce! What is Remix:ThaSauce? Why, it's a remix site, hosted by ThaSauce of course. Now what in blazes does that mean?!? It means more video game remix fun. For everyone! Except Liontamer. He's fired from our posse (in case you hadn't heard). So why does Remix:ThaSauce exist? Well without getting overly pseudo-political, it's because we felt the VG arrangement community could use an alternative source for getting their tunes. Why? Because tunes are fun. They're meant to be fun. But some people seem to think internets are serious business. That's their perogative . Ours is cake. We like cake.

Now before we go stepping on any more toes, we'd like to introduce you to our first song. Y'all know Dragonlord, right? NO? Oh that's a shame. This dude hails from lands unknown. Apparently these lands are called Norway (don't ask us, we didn't name it). He also happens to be a long time friend of ours, and a fine musician to boot! He brings us a nice little Lufia 2 song. We've never played Lufia 2. But that doesn't really matter... does it? Anyways details are a song downloader/potential reviewer's friend, right? RIGHT? So let's have at it.

Our very own first Remix ever is a fun orchestral-ish electronic-ish... thing (with drums too of course) that weighs in at just under 3:21. And by weighs in we mean rocks out. Synth guitars and swirly pads make up the foundation which this song is built upon. Can't have a good song without a good foundation. Otherwise it would sink into a swamp or something. A piano nicely fills out the top end as well before the acoustic drum set kicks in and sets things moving. Dragonlord is apparently a fan of counter-melody, because there is a lot of it going on here. Subtle hints in the counter-melody and changes in the verse at the right times keep out the repetitive monster. Synth leads help in reinforcing the motive towards the middle and end of the song as well. Overall the arrangement is tight and well concieved. The mixing and production side of things is somewhat lacking as there is some muddyness due to apparent overcompression in the drums. However contrary to popular belief, not everyone is a professional audio mixer. Pushing too hard for sound quality takes a hell of a lot of the fun out of VG arrangement in the first place. We believe some lenience in the arena of production values is necessary in order to maintain the pure enjoyment factor of music. This is one of our founding principles. Ok review over. Did we use enough technical mumbo jumbo? Yes? No? Well this is our first write-up ever. So umm...

Whatever just download the song.

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