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Donkey Kong Country 2 ReMixes

'Sickle Sun'



Song 2 on your doorstep. Take one more step. But not a sidestep. That’s the wrong step. We got the right step. This song by Radiowar, aka Hollowtone, was actually submitted to us quite some time ago. But it got lost in the system, unfortunately. Which is a large part of why we’re currently developing a new submissions system here on R:TS. We’re excited! Aren’t you? So look forward to an overhauled submission system and queue management and all that other technical mumbo jumbo that nobody gives a living crap about except for us supernerds. Oh look at the time!

Radiowar’s take on the Stickerbrush Symphony theme is a heavily arranged orchestral lude, with a slow, deliberate pace. Radiowar’s instrumentation and voicing is quite well done: a seminal piano drives the song’s movement forward, with the main melody being alternated between various woodwinds, and well placed accentuation and accompaniment by strings and brass. These nuances here are what make the song. The ending is simple and straightforward, but works well, drawing out the last few notes of the piano to a strong conclusion.

Download and enjoy.

What, you didn’t think we could be serious and write an actual review? Pfft, shows what you know.
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