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Donkey Kong Country 2 ReMixes

'Stickerbrush Sorrows'

Xenon Odyssey

Xenon Odyssey

OH SWEET, a DKC2 flood. Just in time for Christmas! What do you mean Christmas is over? We can’t be friends anymore.

Just kidding, ReMix:ThaSauce still loves you. So, why are we having a Donkey Kong Country 2 flood? Well, because all these random dudes across the internets decided to submit DKC2 songs at the same time! Well, maybe not so much the same time. However, we decided to post them at the same time anyways. We do our best to keep things interesting here! We are the the most serious joke site on the internet, after all. Or was it the other way around...

In any case, the first of our DKC2 flood songs is brought to you by the one and only Xenon Odyssey. He’s been called the Premier of Joketunistan, the Jester of King Richter’s Court, Steve, and the McVaffe of OLReMix. But we know him best as the McVaffe of OLReMix. Or was it the Xenon Oddyssey of ReMix:ThaSauce. We get confused easily. In any case, Xenon brings back the Jazz with his take on the Stickerbrush Symphony track. Stickerbrush Sorrows is a pretty conservative arrangement, making use of a variety of organic textures, synth pads, and… what’s that? A saxamophone? Holy crap, people. It’s a freaking saxomophone. OK Kenny D, we get it, you’re better than us. Well, maybe not by default, but damn if a saxomaphone isn’t +1 incrediballs.

Are we overreacting, you ask? It’s just a freaking sousaphone, you say? Well here’s an idea! Download the song, listen intently, and make that freaking judgment for yourself.

We still love you though.


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