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Donkey Kong Country 2 ReMixes

'Fixbit Forest'

Red Tailed Fox

Red Tailed Fox

More DKC2 headed your way! You’ll never be sick of DKC2. We promise. Until SgtRama gets his grubby paws on it, anyways. Rama, we love you man, but you gotta lay off the remixes. Geez.

Red Tailed Fox of internets fame is here to make your day brighter. Or night darker. Depending on where you are in the world and what time it is. Red Tailed Fox starts this song out with some slick modulated pads and some kind of bird chirpy sound effects. Is it a macaw? Perhaps a parrot? You will probably never know. But some fanatic bird watcher with no life and a penchant for pointing out how he has no life and a penchant for pointing out what kinds of birds are making noises will probably tell you. Poor fanatic bird guy, he’ll never learn. But you can! And here’s how: take a song from any game, but specifically the Forest Interlude song from Donkey Kong Country 2. Add three parts chill, one part hip hop, one part chiptune, put it in the oven, then set it, AND FORGET IT! Bam. Fixbit Forest. Download and serve with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. Awesome, no? Agree or disagree all you like, it doesn’t really matter what you think cuz this is the internets. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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