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Final Fantasy Legend III ReMixes

'Talon Injury (Extended Mix)'



Why hello thare! It’s time to post some remixes! Why you ask? Because we can. Also, because we feel obligated. For our loyal visitors. All four of them. We love you guys!

Anyways, this remix is a blast from the past! No, it’s not old. But the remixer is. Figuratively speaking, of course. You see, Injury here is an OC ReMix veteran from the days of old. Or 2001 or something. Pretty cool, huh. Yeah we thought so too. You know what else is cool? Penguins. We wrote a song about penguins once. About three hours ago, actually. But it will remain in the annals of history as a footnote to our greatest achievement: this writeup. Why is this writeup so important, you ask? Simply, because it exists. Wait wait wait… that doesn’t seem right. We probably got this wrong somehow. Oh wells.

Irregardless, this song is freaking nifty. We don’t use that word sparingly, either. It’s our first remix of any Final Fantasy Legend games here on R:TS. It also has some synthesizers, some arpeggiations, maybe even a drum beat or two. And and and it’s even long!!! Length is cool. Length is fine. But what really makes it count is its motion. In the ocean. If it were. MAN we love the ocean. All those birds and the things and the sand in the in the in the beaches. That’s just small potatoes. But baked potatoes are fine too. Which brings us to our conclusion.

In summary, Injury makes a triumphant return to the video game remix scene, we like potatoes, we like oceans, something about a boat maybe, and you’re totally downloading this song.
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